In an attempt to trace the cultural and family backgrounds of the artist, who lives  and works in Morocco, we end up making a long trip to the Middle East, Europe  and Africa.


The contemporary state of the world is that of the cultural mix, it follows an  uprooting and displacement resulting reverberations on the individual. The man in  exile becomes uprooted tree, a painful path to regaining stability in liquid and con  temporary space floating.


The sculpture is a founding function space that becomes a place of life and  identity negotiation process in the confrontation with alterite.


The artist could only choose the medium of sculpture а three dimensions to  decline an evolution, that of uprooting, search the home, resilience, and finally the  rest. A process that involves individuals, communities and the world.


The tree and biological systems are a metaphor for the cultural condition which  eradicated, becomes multi-rooted with а the transformation of its own practices,  resisting and responding to external pressures to become, on the surface, which  extends root in several directions rather than pretending to be anchored in the  depths of the earth.



© 2019 by Houda Terjuman Visual Artist

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